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    Sketch is a 5 month (best guess) old kitten who came in to the animal shelter I volunteer at a about two months ago, we are a small shelter with very limited resources and staffing and large numbers of cats. Typically a kitten like Sketch would not have been kept this long but many of the staff are very attached to him. Sketch came in like most of are cats as a stray. What set him apart initially was his narrow eyes, they looked like they had never full opened and he has a kinked tail (may have been broken?). He did well initially but of late he has had rhino and is on antibiotics. He has lost weight and has a large belly, he is also very small for his age and has grown very little since arriving. We have no vet on staff. I am now fostering him and if we can get some weight back on him and the rhino cleared up he will be seeing a vet for blood work to make sure it’s not something serious like Fip or feline Luk., this testing likely at the expense of the staff. So here is the current state of things he’s on soft food and medi-cal kitten food supplemented with nutri-cal as well as antibiotics, he squints when I turn on the light (photo-phobia?) he tries to meow but there’s no sound but he has a big purr. I’d like to make it clear that we do not feel he is suffering he plays and cuddles and purrs and with any luck he will see a vet soon. I wanted to see if any one had any ideas what might be wrong with him, the big belly worries me. Any ideas or suggestions pertaining to care would be appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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