Shih Tzu Eye Problem

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    I have a rescued shih tzu approximately 1 yr old. Our vet said her eyes are neurologically OK but the corneas are scarred (probably from ulcerations). Right eye may have 5% vision and left has 0% — on examination, vet cannot see any light at all through the left eye. Vet offered to do laser eye surgery on the left eye at no charge to us. He used the laser to remove a layer from the cornea. Immediately after the procedure a small amount of light was visible. Within a week, the scarring returned. On Wed, the vet will try the procedure again only will go a tiny bit deeper. If it appears the procedure was not successful he wants to remove the eye and sew the lid shut. He is concerned that leaving the eye will (a) be a continuing irritant to her, (b) may be susceptible to glaucoma and (c) could be jarred loose by running into something. She is quite active and capable without vision in the eye — you would never know she was blind. We have never had shih tzus before. Are we doing the right thing? Thanks so much!



    I spoke with an herbalist and have started using NAC. Is this a good path to follow or should I proceed with the surgery recommended by or vet?


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