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    My rabbit has a severe head tilt. I’ve had her for 1yr and 6 months and she had a simple head tilt last year that was cured it about 10 days. But this year she got another one and it is severe. she couldnt stand up and had a couple of seizures. It was rather disturbing to watch. However, she seems to be getting better as she is now eating well and can stand up. Her head tilt is still there and she still rolls around every now and then and loses her balance easily. The vet took an X-ray and we found out that [u]both the bulla’s [/u]were filled with pus/fluid. and they stopped the medication and everything because they said it wouldnt do anything since they can’t flush it out. They told me she’l stay like this and it would be a miracle if she got cured. They did suggest a surgery where they drill into the bulla and release the fluid but it is extremely dangerous as they have said and none of them have done it before. I need help and so does my rabbit and i am kindly asking anyone to point us in the right direction. I can’t just keep her like this.[/b]

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