Seagrove, NC cat owner died , 20 friendly cats

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    OMG PLEASE HELP LOOK AT THEM OWNER DIED IN FIRE : Seagrove, NC cat owner died in fire, 20 friendly cats need rescue‏

    A dear friend has passed away in a house fire recently and he had many cats. They are not feral, they will come to you. With his passing there is no longer anyone to take care of them. I went out today to feed them and all they have is a burnt home filled with soot and the smell of the fire, And no windows for shelter… and they are confused because Johnny is no longer there Rescue centers are full and cannot take on anymore. I was told that there are 30+ cats. I only seen about 8 and from my understanding several have died in the fire as well. I do not know if any of them are spayed or not, I was told some were and some werent. They are indoor/outdoor cats. Please share this and help me find them a home. This man loved all his cats and its the least I can do is find them loving homes. I really dont want animal control to come get them. These babies are located between Robbins and Seagrove. If you are interested in any of them please let me know (910-220-4303). Please Share. PLEASE

    If you understand cats you can imagine these precious, tame kitties trying to live in the burnt out house where they lived with their loved one who burned UP and DIED in the house they lived in with him! They are trying to wait for him in the cinders of the home, thinking he will return to them. I don’t know how many cats are there. but they are beautiful. Some might have died in the fire, so heartbreaking. Surely there are some compassionate cat lovers in NC who will give these sweet babies inside, loving homes. They are accustomed to other cats and to being little companions to their loved one who died and who would want them to be loved and protected.

    contact CAROL WRIGHT: 910-220-4303

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