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    Tony Scott

    My two golden retreivers are showing all the signs of “sarcoptic mange.” Reasearching the condition on-line, the solutions all seem to point to pesticide based treatments including “Revolution” or injections of “Ivermectin”. I do not want to treat with a pesticide based product. One of my goldens has “Histiocytic Sacoma” and her sytem is already weakened. Is there a natural remedy that you can suggest?

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [[email protected]]My two golden retreivers are showing all the signs of “sarcoptic mange.”
    Is there a natural remedy that you can suggest?[/quote]

    I agree that toxic drug treatment for a presumptive diagnosis (sarcoptes) is not in the best interest of your dog.

    If skin scrapes are positive then frequent bathing with SulfOxydex shampoo will help somewhat. There are other herbal soaks that can help as will the natural Neem spray and shampoo.

    Your best course is to attack the underlying immune imbalance which has allowed both this problem as well as the histiocytic sarcoma to develop.

    Fresh diet and appropriate supplementation combined with homeopathic treatment will maximize your dog’s chances for recovery without creating a more serious problem.


    You can try adding sulfur to the dog’s shampoo or use pure neem oil in the shampoo. If you use the sulfur just use it a few times because it will dry out the skin. Both the sulfur and the neem oil have very bad odors but I would take on the bad odor any day than my pets having and bad skin condition.


    I have heard that Lufenuron is an effective cure against fungal problems, and other skin parasites. It works by dissolving the chitin armor coating around these organisms, causing their internals to spill out, effectively killing them. It also allows the immune cells to attack them as well. There are plenty of studies that have shown the effectiveness in animals for killing different fungal problems such as ringworm and other parasites in both dogs and cats. Here is a link to it, although you will have to do some research to find the studies about animals. There is a mention about its use for ringworm in cats and dogs in this article though.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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