Salivary cyst in 10-month-old puppy

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    Hi Dr. Jeff,

    My golden retriever / border collie pup has been diagnosed with a salivary cyst. I’m trying to do hotpacks daily, per my holistic vet, and it seems to be getting smaller, then sometimes it seems larger again.

    I want to avoid surgery and I’m wondering if homeopathy would work to help the body remove the fluids in the cyst and heal the salivary gland. Or should I pursue some other alternative modality like acupuncture?

    What do you think?


    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Thanks for your question Ellen. Yes, continue the hot compresses (2-3x a day). These cysts can be notoriously slow to resolve. Where is it located? How long has it been?

    Most importantly, is she acting sick in any other way? Is there a recent history of illness, vaccination, other drug treatment?

    Dr. Jeff


    I first noticed it about a month ago, the night before we were going out of town, of course! So I took him to the vet right after we returned. The cyst is under his jaw on the left side. I thought it was an enlarged lymph node at first.

    He’s not acting sick, but he is also fighting a mild case of “puppy staph” so his immune system seems to be a little under the weather. No history of illness, vax or drugs.

    Took him to another holistic vet today, who did acupuncture and gave us an herbal tincture (for the staph) and suggested reishi,too. Will continue the hot compresses. She said it can take awhile, as you mentioned. She will also drain it, if needed.

    I’m glad it’s not lymphoma — lost my last golden to that!

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Good news that you are supporting the body with holistic treatments. If these don’t do the trick, you should consider consultation with a well trained vet homeopath.

    Good luck!

    Dr. Jeff


    What is the remedy you are using holistically for the staph?

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Hard to say which holistic and natural (hopefully) supplement she is using. Regardless, these are not really addressing the underlying problem (if there even really is a problem–many normal pups get pimples on their belly that often resolve without treatment).

    Personally I work on strengthening the immune system vs. worrying too much about the secondary bacteria.

    Dr. Jeff


    I was curious on the remedy for staph infection in 10 month old puppy because my 18 year old Keeshond was diagnosed (visually) with oral mouth cancer. 3 weeks of 3 different antibiotic is refusing to eliminate the infection. I’ve posted on the FB page more of the full story. We are trying natural treatments for mouth flushes, diet, and supplements to support immune system as well as starting artesminin.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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