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Reversing adverse medical effects

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    I’m new to homeopathy and I’m fortunate to have met Ginny Wilken on a rawchat forum who recommended this site. I have been reading articles for the past 18 hours and still have no idea where to begin.

    I have a 11 year old Lhasa Apso, neutered 9 years back and last vaccinated 2 years ago. I started him along with 2 other dogs on raw diet 4 months back. He loves the red meat, spits out liver and can barely chew through chicken feet. The foot’s always intact with crunched up bones.

    I should provide Max’s background before asking my question.

    I found Max as a weak puppy at a breeder’s. He was sliding around more than walking on the tile floor, had flakes on his ears and his body was covered in poop. The breeder had given up on Max making it through the week. But I had a different idea when I saw this little fighter following the breeder’s baby around the house even though he could barely keep up. So, I bought him at clearance price, force fed him 5 times a day… that was 11 years ago.
    Max turned blind at 4 due to cataracts and a careless vet made him deaf in one ear not stitching a blood clot he let out properly. His ear canals (both sides) are now so closed up it is constantly infected. Despite all these inconveniences, Max doesn’t seem bothered. He loves flinging his squeaky toys and would spend hours searching for them. He barks in the air reprimanding my other 2 boys when they fight and always manage to charge in between them to stop the fights. Strange fella, always look contented after.

    Max is my first dog. I was naive and had completely depended on vets for a long time. Max was stuffed with multi vitamins and antibiotics every time he got sick. Vaccinated yearly, and on 2 different occasions when we moved to different countries. He had been vaccinated (rabies and boosters)getting in and out of the country. He had been pumped with so much poison for almost 9 years. I stopped all vaccinations, heartworm meds, ticks spot ons…everything when we returned to Malaysia 2 years back. I now worry about the state of his liver.

    His stomach was weakened tremendously when we lived in Shanghai. Endless diarrhea, poo with translucent slime, vomiting… it was so bad that he was often prescribed with 2 or 3 different antibiotics at a go. This improved when I started feeding him boiled chicken breast with vegetables.

    In the past years, his diet had changed from vet recommended kibbles to boiled meats with organic vegetables (different colored vegetables every day) topped with wheatgrass, spinach and/or kelp powder. And daily doses of either green tea or anti oxidant soups. Despite careful preparations, Max still gets vomiting bouts occasionally. He doesn’t vomit a lot, probably due to minimal food intake. But vomiting is always accompanied by yellowish gastric juice or white foamy phlegm. This usually goes away in a few days. It hasn’t happened since I started raw until now. 5 days back, he vomited chunks of beef,then chicken… basically, he barfs out all of his dinner. The only thing that stays in seems to be chicken gizzard I give him for breakfast. He stopped wanting breakfast 2 days ago. I know this will go away in a few days, along with the fever. I can’t help but think that this is all due to a medically ravaged body, that I had allowed to happen. But since reading rawchat archives and the articles here, I am beginning to think that there is something I can do for Max. His cataracts had cleared a little after 1 year of N-acetyl carnosine eye drops and tablets. It changed from crystallized white to milky translucent white with slightly visible brown pupils. But there has been no further progress since then.

    I would like to try homeopathic treatments. I hope to find something that would strengthen his stomach lining naturally? Heal the ear infections that are constantly wet and itchy, regain his sight… I’m probably asking for too much.

    I would appreciate any advice that could help this little fella live a stronger and healthier life,as Max means the world to me.

    Thank you very much.



    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    So sorry for the slow reply Monica. Max does indeed have a lot going on. I agree that homeopathic treatment is his best bet to help resolve his problems.

    Unfortunately, treatment would need to be strictly individualized (based on A LOT more info than you can provide here). It may also take many months just to get his vitality to respond to homeopathic stimulation.

    If you want to try starting to unravel Max’s internal energetic imbalance, you can find my new client info by clicking on the green tab above. Regardless of our consulting, it’s important to keep Max on the freshest food possible and to minimize his exposure to environmental toxins, vaccines, drugs, etc.

    Good luck!

    Dr. Jeff



    Thank you for your reply Dr. Jeff. Max is fed only fresh meat daily, raw milk and farm eggs. I will definitely seek your consultation on individualizing Max’s homeopathic needs.

    Thank you.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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