Resident Toy Poodle Aggresive to New Puppy Toy Poodle

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    Please help. I bought a new Toy Poodle puppy (9 weeks old now) three weeks ago to be a companion to my 3 year old Toy Poodle. Both are female and the older one has been spayed. (The puppy will be spayed when she is old enough.) They play together the majority of the time really well. The only problem I am having is when they are eating or have a treat. The older one will jump on the puppy if she so much as looks her way while she is munching. I have grabbed the older one off of the pup and have scolded her and popped her on the butt and tell her how bad that is, which she understands bad to mean Mommy is displeased and tell her NO, which she also understands. How do I break her of this? I keep them separated during the day when I am at work because I am afraid the older one will be too aggressive when I am not there. I have the puppy in the laundry room with a gate across the door so they can still interact but not actually be together. The older one has always loved to play with small dogs that are around her size or smaller so I really thought it wouldn’t be a problem. The puppy is so sweet and runs off to her kennel crying after I get the older one off her so that I have to go get her and love on her and make sure she is ok.

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