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    Tony Scott

    I live in Canada, and have rescued a 3 yr old male lhasa apso from a shelter in Arkansas. He has been with us for a week now. I have 2 male shih tzus, ages 8, and 11. Skipper (the lhasa) was once loved. He sits, knows ‘down’, and gives kisses when asked. He’s not too great on ‘come’. Since we drove to Pennsylvania to get Skipper, we were not able to introduce him on neutral ground to our tzus. They were happy to see him when we got home, for about 10 minutes. There was some jelousy issues, whenever Skipper followed to close to me. Wendel, (my oldest) and Skipper got into a snarling match, which I quickly broke up. The next morning, I went out and bought the flower essence Quaking Grass, put a couple of drops in all their water dishes, and it has seemed to help, except with food.

    Skipper has been sucessfully switched to a raw diet, and loves it. The problem is when he’s done his food, he goes straight to the other dishes to eat the others food. Bently (younger tzu) has always guarded his food & now is very protective of it. He and Skipper have had lots of bad eye contact over food, but tonight it came to a war. I broke it up, but not before Bentlys lower eye lid was cut pretty bad during the fight, by a bite, I’m sure. I immediately washed his eye out with eyebright tea,camomile tea with a pinch of salt, and gave him the remedies euphrasia and arnica. The bleeding stopped, and there is no swelling, just a cut on his lower eyelid. I will be taking him to my vet on Monday morning to check for a corneal ulcer. The good news is, it does not seem to be bothering him, it’s like it never happened. He is not trying to scratch it.

    I wanted to post all this here instead of asking for help in two different posts. I have an animal behaviourist coming to our home on Monday afternoon. Does anyone have any advice on what I can to to stop this food agression?There are also some sleep arrangement issues, on the bed. Bently starts the eye contact and growling when Skipper gets to close to his spot on the bed. I thought all these things might happen with my oldest dog, not the middle one.

    I separate them when we go to work, and they are never left for more than 5 hours. When the gate is removed (Wendel and Bently on one side, Skipper on the other) they are happy to see each other. They walk together great, and ride in the car in the back seat without a peep.

    Is there anything else I can do for Bently’s eyelid? Any help would be so appreciated. Thank you.

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Do they have crates?

    I feed my dogs in their crates. That way they do not feel threatened, no one steals food and they don’t have to gulp their food down.
    They can eat at thier own pace in a safe environment.
    If they are finished I let them out, otherwise they can stay in for a few minutes and eat comfortably.

    It is a good way also to form positive association with a crate.

    I’m sorry, I’m no help with Bentley’s eye.

    Good luck!

    Tony Scott

    Thank you for your help. I don’t have crate for him yet, the other two have them though. I had an animal behaviorist come in today, and suggested putting up the gate, and feeding them in separate rooms, until Skipper figures out he is the #3 dog, not the #2 dog. It may takes weeks and that’s okay. At least I have a handle on it now.

    I took Bently to the vet this morning, and there is no peramanent damage, just the cut on his lower lid. It’s not bothering him, and I have some cream to put in in. She said it was not serious.

    Thank you again for your advice!



    Just my opinion here but with 2 male dogs 8 and 11, I would have not brought in another dog and especially another male. Yes you can manage 3 males with proper seperation, crates, seperate feedings, play time, sleeping areas but you still never know when another fight will break out. Not worth the risk in my opinion.

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