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    I am new to the forum but am so glad to have found Dr. Jeff’s practice and site as I believe in a more natural approach to my pet’s health.
    My question is I recently put my 15 year old cat, Sunni, on Renavast, even though he has not been diagnosed with kidney failure at this time, my friend’s local vet said it is also good for older cats to take in general and he has slowed down a bit due to his age and most older cats will eventually get kidney failure.
    Sunni has been on Royal Canin S/O dry food since he was about 3 years old as he became blocked twice back then. He has not had a block in 12 years being on it. However, I worry due to the high salt content in it (S/O) at his age now, if there is another food alternative that would be more gentle for him, yet also prevent any blocks? Also if the Renavast would in anyway cause crystals again in his urine, since I have to give him a tiny bit of canned food so that I can put it in it, along with his S/O Rx food. He will not eat the S/O with water on it or canned S/O, so I have to use a tiny amount of regular canned cat food to put Renavast in.
    Thank you for any input. I realize it is only general input not diagnosis. Sincerely, Jan


    Hi! I am not a vet, but have had cats all my life and am very experienced with feline cystitis and chronic kidney disease.

    There appears to be nothing in Renavast that would be contraindicated with feline cystitis. However, it would be best to confirm this by contacting the manufacturer. They know their product best.

    As for other foods, there are other prescription diets such as Hill’s that make foods for your cat’s condition. I would be surprised if Purina’s and Iam’s prescription lines didn’t offer one; however, personally, of all the RX cat foods out there, I trust Royal Canin more than any of them. But if you are looking for an alternative, I would look at the Hill’s line first.

    That said, I think the single best thing you can do for your kitty is to focus on hydration! Years ago, one of my male cats began having UTIs. Despite repeated rounds of antibiotics, other meds and RX foods, he kept getting plugged up to the point where my vet was recommending penis removal! I gave it a great deal of thought and came up with the idea of switching him from his dry RX diet to a non-RX canned food. We have never looked back! He took to the food instantly and has never been sick since! He is now 18 years old and is the healthiest (including kidney health) of my 4 cats! All he needed was the extra hydration!

    Surely there is a canned food out there that your cat would like. Dr. Jean Hofve, a well respected holistic vet (littlebigcat.com), preaches the importance of getting all cats off of dry food. She says that feeding the cheapest, worst canned food is still better than feeding a high quality dry food!!!

    Given your cat’s age, hydration is crucial. Remember that by the time kidney failure shows up on a cat’s blood test, kidney function will have declined by about 70%!

    Equally if not more important than switching your cat to canned food is to talk to your vet about starting subcutaneous fluids at home. It is easy, quick and if done right, can be a very warm and pleasant experience for your cat. It will extend a cat’s life considerably and greatly enhance quality of life!

    The best, most thorough and helpful online source of info on all things feline CKD is felinecrf.org. Check it out! You will find info about the many benefits of subQ fluids there, along with a ton of other info!

    Hope this helps! Kisses to your kitty! Bless you for reaching out for help. It’s a shame that no one, including the vet here, replied to your request for help.

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Thanks so much for your input Jo. You are 100% correct that changing from a dry to a wet food is absolutely the one best thing that can be done for *any* cat. Let alone one wit a history of “cystitis”.

    I beg to differ strongly, as would most holistic vets (including Dr. Hofve) about sticking with a prescription diet from one of these manufacturers. All of the companies you mentioned are owned by massive conglomerate corporations. These tend to care more about their bottom lines and shareholders than your pet. They therefore produce foods with poor ingredients such as genetically modified corn and soy.

    My advice is to stick with a fresh food and meat-based diet (meat is a natural acidifier of the urine) or canned foods from smaller, reputable companies like [url=http://petguard.com/cat-products/canned-food/premium-feast-dinner]Petguard[/url].

    And you’re correct, Renavast is absolutely fine for cats with a history of bladder problems. In fact, these cats may have a higher incidence of future kidney problems as well. Especially if they still eat dry cat food.

    Thanks again for posting and for for pointing out this query. This forum needs more people like you helping out!

    Be well. Stay safe and warm in today’s storm if you are on the east coast.

    Dr. Jeff

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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