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    Remi is my rescue dog who is suffering with chronic skin problems and appears to have been worsened due to over vaccination. She is also hypothyroid taking Thyrotabs for medication, and eats a raw food diet.

    A number of remedies have been tried over the last year with Pulsatilla and Lachesis providing some short term relief. Recently
    after redosing on Lachesis on the 9th,(because it did provide about three days of reduced itching earlier), it was clear that this was not the case this time, and only aggravated her symptoms, including redness of a large bump that appeared the previous time on the top of her left leg, vomiting and non stop ear scratching.

    Recently she appeared to have a seizure that lasted several minutes. Can a wrongly matched remedy ever worsen symptoms? If so, what should be done or considered by me as her advocate? (I have reported to her vet and we do have an appt.)

    What can I provide topically to cut down on the itching? I have been advised to use witch hazel, and have tried Epson salts with distilled water and aloe vera spray. All with limited success. She is in a body suit to keep her from scratching herself per recommendation of her vet.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thank you!

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Hi Eileen-

    Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to the itch reduction question. Warm water bathing and oatmeal soaks are often useful (as long as bathing does not make her itch even more). Our essential oil blend Calm ‘N Soothe spray also helps lots of itchy pups.

    Same holds true for daily brushing/combing/skin massaging.

    A simile (a close-enoughicum remedy vs. the simillimum) can indeed bring other symptoms (clues) to the surface.

    These are often the best guide to the next treatment.

    Skin issues and seizures tell me that vaccinosis (dis-ease from vaccines) is probably a big part of the underlying problem.

    Good luck with these difficult problems.

    Dr. Jeff


    Thank you for your response. It sounds like the right remedy still needs to be found for Remi. I will continue to look for clues based on what I have learned from our class and pass them along to her vet.

    I was asked not to use a product with any essential oils while Remi was in treatment. What is your professional opinion of this?

    I will try more brushing…

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Strong-smelling products of any sort can be problematic during homeopathic treatment. I would not advise [b]undiluted[/b] essential oils.

    Dr. Jeff


    Thank you Dr. Jeff. When my rescue dog Tessa had severe skin issues, (including two types of mange) I had been instructed on how to make a spray using therapeutic grade essential oils,(i.e. lavender) diluted with aloe vera, etc. I typically make my own sprays so that I can insure the quality of the ingredients. I would like to see Remi get some relief, and perhaps I misunderstood, but thought her vet said that any essential oils would interfere with the homeopathy. I will revisit this with her when I see her to check my understanding. I think it could be helpful to her right about now. Thank you!


    I do think I will order the product suggested from your site. In addition to the itching, Remi is now developing black skin and overall is miserable.

    Since her vet suggested possibly benedryl to give her some relief, I think I would like to try another bath and then revisit the spray. I am so concerned for her, as she seems to be loosing interest in what she once enjoyed…

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Three big clues to decreasing vitality:

    1-Decreased energy,

    2-Worsening mood,

    3-Diminshed appetite

    Unfortunately losing interest in things previously loved falls into two of those categories.

    However, in Remi’s case, she may also just be temporarily disheartened by her itchiness.

    Dr. Jeff

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