regarding Rosco- addition to my last e-mail regarding itchy skin

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    Hi again,
    I just realized that I forgot to add some things regarding my cat Rosco- I am new to this so I think I left some information out- I had just e-mailed you regarding Rosco my cat who has the skin problem which I think may be dermatitis but am not sure. He is a male cat- about 7 years old. He is black short hair, He has has all his vaccines – is up to date with Rabies but has not had other vaccines as I am not a fan of all the many vaccines out there. he is spayed -(we waited too long to do this though so he was spayed at around 2 years old). So he does have a spraying problem. I usually take him out to do his business since he prefers this. I already said he is on a special diet – urinary tract SO – dry food, for urinary blockage problems. I think I wrote everything you need to know about Rosco – in addition to my other e-mail. Please let me know if you need any other information.
    thanks so much and look forward to hearing from you.
    Lynne McCullough- e-mail- [email protected]
    I hope i did this correctly!!

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