Recurring cysts in dog’s paw

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    Hello!! I have a 6 year old femal Westie who was rescued from a puppy mill in July. When she was rescued, we were told he had a puncture wound in her right front foot which was not healing well, but by the time we went through the adoption process (about 4 weeks), her foot had healed completely (she was given Clavamox while in residence in an animal hospital where she was also spayed). About a week after we adopted her, we noticed that same paw became increasingly pink to red then began to swell (over about 36 hours); the vet found an abscess, lanced it, and she was back on Clavamox. It cleared in a couple of days, she finished the 5 days of Clavamox she was given. About two weeks later, she began not to enjoy her walks and we suspected her feet again, so we looked at them closely. Her left foot we found to be getting pink and slightly larger than the right foot. When it swelled up a day later, we took her to the vet who put her on Clavamox again but had nothing to lance at that time. Within 24 hours, it had swollen enough that we took her back and it was lanced and cleaned and we had a total of 10 days of Clavamox for her to take. The vet was unable to find what had caused the abscess in either feet (and neither could we).

    She finished the Clavamox on Saturday and her foot appeared to be completely healed. By Monday, however, her foot began to turn pink and we now see a separate abscess in the same left foot but in a slightly different area than the last. We are currently treating it by soaking it in Epsom salts at least twice a day, rubbing in Neosporin, and keeping it covered to keep it clean in case it bursts.

    I am concerned that the antibiotic just seems to keep it at bay but doesn’t seem to actually cure it, and I am hesitant to put her on a fourth course of Clavamox or any other antibiotic without hoping for a real cure.

    She was kept in a crate for nearly her whole life; we have a fenced yard and two other dogs who do not have any foot issues. We’re feeding all of them a diet that I cook (turkey, veggies, sweet potatoes supplemented with fish oil, brewer’s yeast, kelp, and bone meal) and otherwise her health has been greatly improving.

    Any ideas you might have on what could be causing these abscesses (they are soft to the touch, not hard, and have no apparent point of impact or cut or puncture that any of us can see) and any ideas on treatments I would really appreciate!!! She has been seen by three vets I trust, and we’re all stumped.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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