Raw NOT using bone/calcium supplement confusion?

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    I have been using pre-mix powder for a raw food diet for cats. The powder provides the calcium. If I am understanding it correctly the form of calcium used is a unique to this company and is proprietary ingredient. All that is required for use is the addition of fresh meat and water. No bones are to be used or any other added source of calcium. I have several cats and the cost of purchasing the powder mix is getting to be VERY expensive. I am forced to make some budget changes. I would still like to continue feeding raw and I would like to maybe make my own pre-mix powder. Maybe I could sub one that I make a few days a week in place of the one I am purchasing.

    My main issue and concern is what calcium supplement to use. I know that if calcium and phosphorus are not in correct ratio it can cause problems. Too much calcium can cause over saturation in the body and result in calcium deposits in soft tissue such as Oxalate stones especially when/if Vit. C is used. I do not own a meat grinder and can not afford one right now. I have read information on several sites against the use of bones in a raw food diet. These were mainly in regard to purchasing meat all ready ground. There are photos of large bones found in ground rabbit meat from a very well known company that sells on the Internet. There have also been reports of people having their pets vomitting blood and bones. Just imagine what that is doing to their intestines!

    I have read on one site where someone doesn’t feel that bone should be used because they may also contain toxic elements like mercury, lead, arsencic & radioactive strontium. Picked up by grazing animals and deposits in their bones. There is a calcium product for use with homemade diets that is
    derived from a vegetable source. The product is called Calcium of The Sea. I am interested to see what type of testing is done to see if the product is free of mercury and other toxins. I contacted the company but haven’t recieved a reply to my questions.

    I have not seen any reviews or reports concerning this product. So I don’t know if it’s a good and balance source of calcium.

    I’ve considered Calcium Carbonate(egg shells) but I’ve read that it is not readily absorbed by the body and incorporated into the bone as well as other calcium supplements.

    Information concerning Bone Meal stated it would be a good choice because it is easily absorbed and bound to protein. However, I’ve read that bone meal can be contaminated.

    So that brings me to Calcium citrate, lactate or gluconate. I’ve read that one of them can contribute to urine crystals???? Oy, is this stuff confusing. No wonder some Vets. have concerns about homemade diets being balance.

    Of course I realize that most raw diets use the ground bone but if not using ground bone which source of calcium is the best choice for cats in a raw food diet? I would appreciate help with this issue.

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