Puppy Suddenly Hates His Crate

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    I have a 12 week-old Pomeranian, which we brought home when he was 8 weeks old, and up until he went to the vet for his second round of shots just over a week ago, he was sleeping in his crate at night and doing surprisingly well. However, the day of his second shots we learned he had an ear infection and started treatment that day. He would not sleep in his crate that night – cried continuously – and because this was out of the norm I took him out and stayed up with him most of the night and attributed that to the trauma of the day (shots and ear flushing/drops). The next three nights he went right back to the crate and was fine. However, it ended there and he hasn’t slept in his crate since. He simply will not settle so we’ve resorted to putting him in his pen at night, which is where he is left while I’m at work and sleeps just fine in there. His crate is in his pen, along w/ a pee pad; which thankfully is the only place he potties since he’s no longer waking me to take him out (as he did when he was sleeping in the crate). And although this is not the worst scenario, and we could live with this, we would prefer that he sleep in his crate. I have no idea why he went from being fine in his crate to hating it and I would appreciate any advice on how to resolve this. (My apologies for the long nature of this post but we felt the full history of the situation would be relevant).


    Sounds like he’s associating something bad with his crate. Have you tried puting treats in it while he’s in his pen, before he goes in, and letting him find them? Maybe that will help him find that the crate a nice place again.



    Could be trauma, did you bring him to the vet in it, and now he generalizes the crate with that? Start leaving the door open to it, and put his meals in it clsoe to the door so he doesnt have to go all the way in. Then put the food further back until he is in. After about a week or so of this, have him eat with the door shut. If you have marrow bones you can let him have while in it, do that also. It could also be that you took him out that night when he wined, and now he expects that everytime you put him in it, he whines, you take him out. When you are able to start leaving him in it, do short stays in it. Do chores around the house while hes in it etc.. Some stays in the kennel do a bit longer, then next time a little shorter, so he doesnt know whats next. I know this may sound funny because he is so small, but has he outgrown the crate? MAybe a bigger one is needed to make him feel more secure. Or did you change his kennel at all, like from a plasic to a wire? OR move the kennel to another location? Clean it with something different and doesnt like to smell? Stop giving treats in it?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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