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    Tony Scott

    This past Saturday we came upon a family at Walmart giving away free puppies and our 15 year old son (who had been wanting a dog since we moved to this new location) begged for TWO. We gave in. The mother was a Jack Russell, and the father was the neighbor’s Pug (we were told). They gave us address and phone number if we ever needed them and we are on our way today to the VET for the first visit……………..Here is my question…………..Have we made a big mistake in getting TWO ? They are brothers. Having been around my sister’s jack Russell, I knew such dogs can stay outside, but I’ve seen online that Pug’s don’t do well outside so I’m confused about their ability to be outside now. They do NOT have the amount of factial wrinkles as most Pug’s have, are shaped more like a Jack Russell with nose wrinkles.



    As a professional trainer, I discourage my clients from getting 2 puppies especially same sex and same litter. Even different breeds at the same age too.

    TWO is just double trouble and work, trust me. Over time they bond to each other and don’t need owners except to put the food out. They have each other of most every thing else. NOT a good idea in my opinion.

    100% Outdoors is not good for any dog. Dogs need human companionship part of the time and can be left outside when no one is home.

    I would start with just one pup, get into puppy training classes and learn to do everything right the first time and maybe next year when this dog is trained you can get another if you so desire.

    If the pups have longer muzzles then they may breath better than do Pugs but with heat and humidity during summer months in many areas of the USA are not good for pups to stay outside even in the shade. Just to hot. In the house with an X-pen set up on tile floor would work best.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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