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    I thought it would be nice to give my three year old pug a friend. So I just acquired a pug puppy who is already 4 months old. I have two concerns: one being that the puppy continues to either poop in the crate or whichever confined space I put her in. She will sit in it or walk all over it, to the point that I have to give her a bath almost daily. She has been rewarded every time she does her businees outside, which can sometimes take about 45 minutes. Sometmes we will be outside for 45 minutes and she will do nothing, but as soon as we walk into the house she delivers. Is this going to take longer because she is already four months, I don’t remember it taking this long with my first one. My second concern is her relationship with my older pug. The puppy is full of too much energy for the older one. She is constantly jumping on her and nibbling at her tail. The older one doesn’t really fight back, I’m worried that she is not acting out her role as the leader of the pack.

    Please any suggestions would really help!!



    My pug puppy that we just got a week ago goes all over the place as well, frustrating I know + my pup has diarrhea!! but I just bought puppy pads that have a special scent on them and Maverick goes on them ALL the time now, not sure if you would want to try them they are called Simple Solution Training Pads for puppies and adults (in a yellow lining bag), just make sure you get the special scented ones because Simple Solutions make all kinds of different puppy pads.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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