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    Morning, My 7 Yrs old male cat had PU surgery 3 weeks ago & he had one problem after another. 1st he was constipated for 2 weeks i kept going back to the vet telling him that he was straining to hgo & nothing would come out, finally 2 weeks later while taking out his stitches he noticed he developed a “band” didn’t know what caused it, he said he wasnt pooping because of the way the stitches were. I finally got him to poop using mineral oil but now he started using the bathroom excessively & all over the house i bought him back & he said oh its nothing. the next day i bought hi in to an emergency hospital because there was blood in the drops of urine, i knew he was developing a ut infection. I am at a loss i do not know what else to do he is suffering so much, he cries so loud when he goes to pee. The Emerg. gave him new antibiotics yesterday this morning he is still bleeding but not crying as much, is this still normal for him to bleed today or should i take him to the emergency hospital again?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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