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    About two days ago, my cat (~2yr female, spayed and has had all shots) began acting strangely. She would stay in one spot, curled up and rarely moving. This is abnormal for my cat, who always comes around when there’s food. Just today, she began eating very little, or none at all, and she hasn’t drank any of her water. Her breathing is abnormal, and much quicker than a few days ago. She also began vomiting frequently, at least 5 times today. The vomit is yellowish, and doesn’t look healthy. I would take her to the vet, if the problem was absolutely serious, but the vets in my town are not the best around. Please, tell me if she needs immediate emergency care, or if she will be healthy enough to stay untreated.


    Could she have eaten something she she not have? Is she an inside cat? Are the bowel movements normal? Check her to see if she is getting dehydrated, and also check the color of her gums to see if they look normal and if possible take her temperatuer too. Is there a vet you can call and ask some questions to in your area? If not and she gets any worse I’d get her to the vet. Better safe than sorry

    I hope your cat is OK

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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