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    It has been 3 days since my black lab/sheppard mix was neutered. I have noticed his sac is turning bright red, like mottling. This was done at the Humane Society and they will just tell me to take him to a vet which is no problem, but if it is not something to worry about, as this is my first male dog, I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time, and put my dog through any added discomfort than he has already had.

    Here is the run down, on Tues 7/18. He went in for his sugery, when we picked him up and got him home he loves to sleep in that surgical pose to begin with, so I being a nurse was checking him out for a baseline for swelling, and the such, well yesterday it was alittle redder, and today alittle more, and lt looks like half of his sac is red and the top half is brownish black. Any idea’s out there, and do I need to rush him off to the vets?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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