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    Ok, I don’t know if my cat Sammy is just a rare case or what.

    He had PU surgery on the 5th.

    I’m not even sure where to start…I’ll try to keep it short.

    He was acting blocked a couple of months back took him to a vet and they sent him home the next day saying he wasn’t blocked anymore…

    A couple of weeks later the same thing happened, so back we go and they just look him over and tell me to kep him on c/d.

    After a few more days I ask my friend (who’s a receptionist at a vet) if she could have her vet look at him…she sees him and says he needs to be catheterized ASAP and test his urine and do some x-rays.

    So it took about 2 1/2 hours just to get the catheter in. Apparently he had an abnormal looking penis. First of all it was alot smaller than it should have been, and second of all she couldn’t locate the actual little pee hole. Well she found a small slit on the side of his penis which ended up being where he had been peeing from…But during the whole catheter process what little bit of a penis he had was destroyed and they told me he would have to have the surgery either way.

    Well to make a long story short-er he pulled out his catheter a few times and I had to take him to the hospital and then looked for someone who could do the surgery ASAP.

    I found a surgeon who could do it on Wednesday (Sept. 5th) so I took him…

    Oh but the other thing…he did not have stones, never did..

    Turned out what was blocking him was a small mass growing inward from his urethra. The vet didn’t understand how…he said it was like scar tissue.

    Well the surgery went well, he came home and was kept in a cage big enough for him to walk around and have his litter in, for that week. This last week he was allowed to come out and walk around, still with his collar on.

    His sutures came out this last Friday.

    Here’s where it gets a bit more strange.

    During the week I had noticed that on two of his little nipples he had lumps so I asked the vet to check them out. He tells me that Sammy is producing milk! And he is not sure why, but it’s not something I should worry about.
    And yesterday he started making noises like they make when cats are in heat!

    I mean I know this is a radical change and I didn’t know what to expect, but I wasn’t expecting all this.

    He looks good everywhere else, he’s eating, drinking, playing with the other kitties…but he is also whining alot and making those noises..I’m lost…i’m not sure what to do, or if there is anything I could do.

    Sorry it was long…I tried to get as much info in without making it long.

    If anyone has any clue as to any of this please let me know.

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