Possible congenital liver problems found in bloodwork!

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    I probably ought to wait until we do further testing (tomorrow, Aug 3), but I’ve been worried sick since the vet first told me the unexpected news last Friday. I’m hoping for the best, but I’m preparing for the worst and would appreciate any advice, hope, or suggestions.

    I had posted before in regards to whether I should do the bloodwork prior to Madilyn’s spay, and I’m so glad that I did (I don’t even want to think about what may have happened during surgery if I didn’t do it!).

    Now, I know that the liver has the ability to regenerate itself, but I’m not sure if a liver that may not have been the healthiest from birth, has a chance to become healthy. Madilyn shows nothing but signs of excellent health—she eats well, exercises, pees and poops normally, her eyes are clear and bright, she’s alert…etc…etc…

    OK, so the optimistic side of me is viewing this in this way: I’m looking at it more that if we do find flaws in her liver, it would be almost like finding a time
    bomb waiting to go off, BUT, we’ll have the warning ahead of time so
    that we can do all that we can to keep it from ever
    ‘going off’. I truly believe that even if her liver was not perfect from the
    start, we can make it healthy, and Madilyn will be able to enjoy a long, happy life. I also feel very strongly about taking an holistic approach (I wish that I lived in CT Dr. Feinman!).

    I hope and pray that tomorrow’s tests will show good results, but I realize that I need to prepare myself in case they aren’t.

    I’d appreciate any opinions/experiences (soothing words are always welcomed too!). Thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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