PLEASE HELP.New puppy with symptoms and negative blood results

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    I purchased a 10week old Shih Tzu on Thursday the 8th, brought her home and everything seemed fine (with the exception of the ear infection and medication she came home with. Progressively I noticed lethargy, not eating or drinking and very little urine, and threw up Sunday morning. Went to emergency Sunday afternoon. They hydrated her, gave her something to ease her stomach and some nutrical. Sent me on my way with instructions of waiting a while then trying some of the meat baby food and the nutrical – I had to force feed her. Monday morning still not better, still wouldnt eat so off to the vet we went. They hooked her up to an IV and antibiotics. Took some blood tests and kept her overnight. Went to visit last night, seemed perkier but still not right. Went this morning and was told all blood tests came back negative (Parvo, kidney, liver etc). They want to keep her overnight again, because she still isnt eating on her own and threw up this morning. So I went back to visit feeling like everything was going to be fine and I would get to bring her home at some point tomorrow or Thursday morning. I see her in the cage, she becomes excited…….holding her, petting her..I went to put her down in the cage for a second and she fell on her face???? Holding up back left leg and just went limp. I called someone in, the checked with the vet who couldnt see me then and there because she was scrubbing in for surgery…..but will call (still waiting). She also told the tech that she was aware of this????????? So whats wrong with my puppy????

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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