please help, i have no idea how to help my dog!

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    I have a 2 yr old shit-zu, he is all white in color, and was very healthy. 2Weeks ago, we got a new kitten, and 2 days my dog got a bad ear infection. So i took them both to the vet for His ear infection and her check up and needle. The vet also gave my dog, his second shot. When we got home his ear infection seemed to get worse, and as the days passed he seemed to be biting at his skin, and very senstive on his left side, to the point, when you touch him anywhere he jumps and starts scratching. ALSO his beautiful white face has turned almost brown, like a dryed blood stained color. He’s just NOT the same dog, and looks ill, he has his skin scratched to death, and it also looks very pink beneath under his fur. My mom had given him a Control flea treatment around the same time, and now with all this happening at once i have no idea what it is. Can someone pls help. Is there any treatment for this??


    First, of course, did you contact the vet and explain what happened? It sounds to me as though the puppy has had an allergic reaction to either the vaccination or flea treatment. Just as when humans have an allergy and take an antihisatime, so can dogs. You can give the puppy HALF a 25mg Benadryl, for instance, twice a day, which should help with the scratching and reddened skin. I don’t know what brand of flea treatment you used, but if you bought it across the counter (at the pet store, for instance), I would check the ingredients and bring it to the attention of the vet. I NEVER USE Hartz flea products on any of my pets. In fact, I never use ANY CHEMICAL OR DRUG product on my animals that they don’t “need.” Unless you actually have flea problems in your yard or home, I would not use any flea product. Bottom line, I doubt the introduction of the kitten had anything to do with what is going on with the puppy…unless the kitten brought fleas with her!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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