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Perrianal Fistulas and Yeast overgrowth on skin 9 yr old GSD

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    9 yr old GSD
    Stopped giving him vaccinations about 5 years ago
    Has only eaten organic dog food his whole life
    Does not eat dog treats (luckily he doesn’t like them)

    My 9 year old German Shepherd was diagnosed with Peri Anal Fistulas last year, his initial treatment was 30 days on an immuno suppressant drug and two steroids per day, he was on that suppressant drug for two rounds totaling 60 days, he is still on the steroids one pill every other day. We have tried to take him off but the fistulas come back. About 7 years ago he got Lyme disease. Around the same time he started scratching all the time I had him allergy tested and they found he was allergic to mold spores and dust mites. He has never been able to tollerate any dog food that has any kind of poultry in it, if he eats it he ends up with eye “oogies” and will eventually start scratching so I had him on one organic dog food after the next with the protein mainly of beef. When he developed the fistulas I found in researching he should be switched to a new food that has a protein he has not been on before so I switched him to Orijen 6 fish food. He’s been on that food ever since.
    He started developing a skin problem a few months ago, his whole undercoat is gone, he has the elephant skin with black skin and red skin he will lay down and let me gently pick off the clumps of thick skin i only take the ones that are easy to remove off of him, but now his hair is coming out of him in clumps, his eyes recently are foggy and he gets eye discharge he’s been on two rounds of eye drops from the vets, I took him to the vet and they put him on antibiotics and told me to give him a bath three times a week w/a medicated shampoo. We have done this round three times now (three rounds of antibiotics etc) over the course of the spring until now. I stopped bringing him back to the vet for this because I know they are just going to give me more antibiotics, I contacted his breeder to see if she knew of anything that might help him and she suggested I try the healthy skin kit from nzymes.com which I ordered to help with the yeast problem on his skin and internally. I have recently started giving him organic coconut oil and flaxseed oil. His last blood work showed he was borderline hypothyroid his vet did not want to put him on medication for this since he was just borderline (as am I, I take 7 keto for my borderline low thyroid since I do not want to go on synthetic drugs and my endocrinologist didn’t’ want to put me on drugs for it either not unless it got worse). I started buying bottled water a year ago for my dog since I had read about Fluoride in our water causing problems w/the thyroid I recently bought a berkey water filter so I wouldn’t have to keep buying bottled water, this is the only filter I know of that removes fluoride. My dog does get upset stomachs where he will keep pushing his neck out and licking the air, when he does this I know I have to get half of a tum into him immediately or he will try to eat ANYTHING to make himself throw up. This has been going on for a few years it’s not constant but I know the signs and know he needs a tum asap. I want to get him off of the steroids asap since I know the side affects of long term use, his breeder suggested MSM with glucosimine but I’m not sure if that will be enough to take him off the steroid, I do not know what causes the fistulas and I’m not sure if this product from nzyems.com will heal the fistulas. Any help at all is greatly appreciated.


    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Thanks for your detailed message. In my experience, perianal fistulas are secondary to an imbalanced immune system. In your dog this has taken many disparate forms (see my common vs. abnormal info).

    As you probably know, the yeast overgrowth is also secondary to immune problems. Of course immune suppressants (like cyclosporine or corticosteroids) also have to be factored in. Therefore your first step is to do everything possible to enhance immune function.

    Fresh (energy rich) food is most important. Sunshine, exercise, mental stimulation, etc. are also extremely important. Reduce toxic exposures, e.g. insecticides, cleaning products, etc.

    There are many supplements that can aid the immune function and help in this situation, e.g. omega-3 fatty acids from *fish*, but they will not cure the problem.

    I’d also strongly urge you to consult a trained and experienced vet homeopath to help and gradually return your dog to a “normal” 9 year old. This will be a difficult case so your persistence with treatment is essential.

    Good luck!

    Dr. Jeff

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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