Patent Ductus Arteriosis (PDA) in a dog

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    Question: Angel was born with a PDA heart murmur and has been on Lasix and enacard for most of her life. Her heart has become enlarged and her breathing problems have worsened. Right now we are consulting with a homeopathic vet in Louisiana and have given her a remedy(APIS) and she is on Vitamin C and CO-Q-10. It has only been a week but I worry because she is in distress. Today we went to the conventional vet and got a 50 mg Lasix shot to get the fluid off of her lungs. Her “vital force” is excellent and she has tremendous will to live. ——Does all this sound about right to you? I guess I am looking for validation–this is all new to me. We were thinking of putting her on a RAW diet starting tomorroww. Any particular one you know of that woulld be good for her? (She hs been on Iams less active and Science Diet h/d)

    Angel is like our child (if we had kids…) Any suggestions would be welcome! Thanks

    I really like the looks of your web site, It will be a great resource once you build up a library of questions and answers!

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    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Thanks for your question. In the case of a patent ductus, I would be working with both an allopathic and holistic veterinarian, unless you know someone in the area who is comfortable treating the “whole”.

    Has Angel had an echocardiogram to determine the degree of dysfunction present? Are you anywhere near a vet school to consult with their cardiology department? Has surgery ever been considered?

    In any case, I would get her onto a natural diet, e.g. either a natural dry food with wholesome foods mixed in, or even better, a home-cooked diet. I wouldn’t use raw to begin with in her case, because she needs to be exposed to a natural diet first, and you need to see what she can tolerate. In general, every change should be made gradually. I would start with a 12-24 hour detoxification (again, only if she can tolerate it). Start feeding her wet rice (use double the amount of water and cook for 2 hours until it falls apart) and mixed with white meat chicken. Other appropriate vegetables and protein sources can be added later.

    She will benefit from moderate exercise and several supplements such as: omega 3 and 6 fatty acids (I use a product called EFA-Z+ supplemented with fish oil capsules), 30mg co-Q 10 twice a day, 50mg grape seed extract twice a day, 500 mg l-carnitine and taurine twice a day, a good antioxidant multivitamin, trace minerals, and other specific measures depending on test results.

    I will be happy to help in any way possible, but don’t forget it is very, very important to have an ongoing, open communication with your local vet in order to manage acute flare ups of her disease.

    Good luck!!

    Dr. Jeff

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