pancreatitis and itching

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    Tony Scott

    Dear Dr
    My dog has been diagnosed with possible pancreatitis. Her vomiting has stopped for now and her bowel movement has returned to almost normal. The thing that concerns me most is she has a rash under the skin that is unbearably itchy. I have not read anywhere that this is a symptom of pancreaties. It starts early evening and continues thru the nite. I just returned from our vet and he gave her a shot. She has a temperature of 104. He started her on 1/2 tab. Metronidazole and 1/2 tab Cimetidire both 2x a day. Her blood was not tested for diabetes at this visit. She had a similaar problem 3 yrs ago and recovered nicely.She is on Hill scientific diet dog food and nothing else. She is a Dachshund 4 yrs old and weighs about 14 lbs. From the info I have given you do you have an opinion and are we on the right track. Thank you for any advice


    I am not Dr. Jeff but from my experience in the dog business, I would sure get your dog OFF the Science Diet food. That alone could cause all sorts of problems.

    Check out CANIDAE dog food and look at their ingredients to see what healthy dog food is made of. I am sure it will make a world of difference in her skin, coat and overall health. [url]http://www.canidae.com[/url]

    Also check out VIBRANT PETS ULTIMATE SUPPLEMENT Show Coat formula. [url]http://www.vibrantpets.net[/url]

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    If he is free from external parasites (like sarcops) then it may have to do with his recent illness.
    During the intestinal upset (from the pacreatitis) the mucosal barrier may have been effected. The pancreatitis most likely inflamed the pancreas but the GI tract may have been inflamed also with all of the bowel issues. If intact food proteins have crossed that barrier they enter the bloodstream and can have an allergenic effect (in dogs allergic effects often manifest as skin issues).

    If this did occur then the mucosal barrier may need time to recover. That barrier (mucosal lining) protects the intestines from any foreign material going through to the blood stream and body (like bacteria, intact food proteins, virus, parasites) .

    The mucosal barrier can take a week to recover from just one bout of GI upset. Feeding sardines is supposed to help with the recovery of that mucosal barrier. The purines aid in recovery of the white blood blood cells. If your dog has any renal issues though, purines may not be a good idea.

    So it’s possible that intact proteins (which have not been broken down) are getting through that mucosal lining and causing an allergic reaction within the body creating the itching. You may wish to start a home prepared diet with very easily digestible foods (cooked eggs have very bioavailable nutrients as does cottage cheese). Rice is gluten free also and easily digested. Digestive enzyme supplements can help to break down the food also.

    Since you said it seems worse at night I am wondering if ia contributing factor may have anything to do with cortisol production. Cortisol is a hormone that the adrenal glands produce and it is the bodies natural anti-inflammatory.
    This hormone is produced on a diurnal cycle. So there may be less in the body at night. If there is excessive inflammation that may be a factor (lack of sufficient cortisol production).

    Dr. Strombeck’s book has so much info on GI issues and diet, that I would really reccomend that even just to learn about the way diet effects the GI Tract and the rest of the body. I haven’t used the recipes in the book but I have really enjoyed the book for the information it provides on the GI tract and various illnesses, and how diet effects them.

    There are many types of diets, raw, home cooked, commercial dry, canned frozen, freeze dried, raw, etc.
    I agree with Mike that if you can get your dog off of the Hill’s it would probably be beneficial. I’m not a fan of any of Hill’s products. I have seen the increase in my dog’s energy and health with the addition of homecooked and fresh foods in their diet (I do feed some canned Canidae and others sometimes for convenience too).

    Good luck, I hope your dog is feeling better soon.

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