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    Posting my specific questions on the board per request of Dr. Jeff…

    I’m looking for information on intravenous or subcutaneous ascorbate
    therapy in cases of animal cancers, especially feline.

    I am not looking for diagnosis or care, specifically, at the current time.

    I’m looking to collect information on prior cases where IV or subq
    ascorbate has been used that I can present to my local vet.

    With that in mind, I’m looking for answers to the following questions:

    1) Have you used IV or subq ascorbate therapy in animal cancer cases,
    especially feline ones?

    1a) If so, what have your results been?

    2) Do you know of anyone else who has?

    2a) If so, how may I contact them for more information on their

    3) One of my local vets insists that supplemental vitamin C (in any
    form) causes tumor growth, however I have not been able to verify this
    in my research – have you seen this in your practice?

    Thank you.


    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    I will be brief as the board is about to move to a new format and this reply may not be saved.

    I have never heard of vit C (in any form) causing tumors (though I use it all of the time in cancer treatment).

    As a New Yorker you may want to contact Dr. Marty Goldstein at Smith Ridge (in South Salem) for more info.

    Dr. Jeff



    hehehe… New York is a big state – and unfortunately I’m on the opposite side of it from Dr. Goldstein. (About an 8 hour drive)

    Do you know of anyone in the western NY/upstate NY area?

    Edit: 716, 585 or 315 area codes if it helps any.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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