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    Hi, my Great Dane of ten years and three months just died eight days ago. His pal Jupiter, a 13 year old dominant, neutered, male golden retriever, has been very depressed for three weeks since Marmaduke became ill. He also hasn’t been able to walk since Wednesday.
    Jupiter has barely touched any food in that time frame and lost a considerable amount of weight. He was 80 lbs and appears to have lost at least 15 lbs. He’ll wag his tail for 30 seconds when I come home and then plops back on the floor. Today he couldn’t even get up to greet me. I’ve been forcing him to take Cosequin DS for 10 days which in the past has helped him get up easier.
    I eat a paleo, hunter gatherer lifestyle. I tried to incorporate about 50% of their diet with vegetables and grassfed or pastured meats. They still had kibble but only on days that I wasn’t home, they never over ate and always had food out. Now he won’t eat any of the vegetables that he use to love like tomatoes and lettuce and he’ll reluctantly take a piece of meat. If I coat something in bacon fat Jupiter at least thinks about eating it. I tried to give him raw chicken 4 days ago. He bit it a few times and then left it. I half cooked two chicken drumsticks in bacon fat and he devoured it. Tried the same the following day and he just licked them. At this point he’ll eat one to two drumsticks a day and maybe some meat that we’re eating.
    Jupiter was an extremely active and hyper golden. A few years back he stopped running after balls but still loved attention. He has trouble getting up but can still walk up and down stairs.
    History: Recurrent yeast infections in ears.
    Large mass hanging below anus, approximately 3 inches long and 2 inches wide. Had a byopsy done a few years back, non cancerous. Surgery was not recommend because of location. Was told he would lose function of muscles around anus.
    I have not been to a vet for a number of years. At least three years. They had all their required immunizations up to that point. I don’t believe in it anymore.
    I gave him 3 arnica 30c pills Wednesday. I also gave him 3 rhus 30x and 5 arnica 200ck. The next morning he was able to get up one or twice throughout the day if he was laying on the carpet, I have mostly hardwood floors. The rest of the time we lift him up and he can support himself at least for a few steps or to another room. He fell trying to make it down a few steps to go outside, yesterday, so we’ve been carrying him out. I continued to give him the arnica 200ck and rhus 30x three times a day. He has had no further improvements. I have no experience in homeopathy just from my own positive experiences and from reading the Internet.
    Thanks you.

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    I’m so sorry to hear about both of your dogs. The first thing (tonight if possible) I’d do is to give him 1 tsp. of Ignatia 30c. Dissolve the pill (which you may have at home or is available OTC at many health food stores) in 8 oz. of bottled/filtered water and give him 1 tsp. Save the rest. If you don;t see any change in 8-12 hours, then succuss (whack the cup against a counter or your hand) 10x and redose 2 tsp.

    Because his symptoms may be resulting from a serious organ shutdown, I’d also strongly advise an exam and any indicated diagnostics tomorrow.

    Feel free to let me know what the vet finds if you go.

    Best of luck.

    Dr. Jeff

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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