old cat/new puppy- serious problems. please help!!

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    alright… I have a 3 year old cat, Cricket, who is my baby. She is an indoor/outdoor cat, and usually spends her days outside and sleeps with me at night. She has been living with a black lab, Shade, who was put down a little more than a month ago. They got along very well, but managed to stay out of eachother’s way. Since Shade has been gone, Cricket has been spending a lot of time at the ouse. She will sleep inside at night, and come in during the day to see what is going on.

    We recently got a new black lab/dalmatian puppy. He (Merlin) is 7 months old. When we introduced the two, Cricket puffed up, hissed, and batted at Merlin. She was very cautious around him. She left the house as soon as she could. We have had Merlin for 4 days, and Cricket refuses to re-enter the house. If we want her to come in, we have to go outside and carry her into the house and keep her separate from Merlin. As soon as she sees him again, she runs outside. Is there anything we can do to get her to accept him? I really love her, and want to have her around. Thanks!



    any help? i haven’t seen my cat in 2 days. i know that she is next door, but how can i make her feel comfortable here? please help.

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=Labman] how can i make her feel comfortable here? please help.[/quote]

    Bring her in and keep her in for a day or two. Lavish plenty of attention on her. Lots of cuddling, hand-feeding special treats, playing games, etc. Keep her away from the pup during this time. Don’t let her see you interact with him at all if possible.

    Give her 2 drops of Rescue Remedy as needed based on any anxiety that she is showing when you have her inside, e.g. if she starts warily looking around for the puppy. Then you can let her out but be sure to get her in every day. Repeat the exercise. Slowly you can introduce her to the pup.

    This process will take time so please be patient.

    Dr. Jeff


    Recue Remedy- is that something i can buy at petsmart or a place like that? i haven’t heard of it before…


    Most Health Food stores carry Rescue Remedy. I noticed it in the Organic section of my local Safeway the other week.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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