ny: 9 wk old Org tabby kitten

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    ny: Look at this little face! 9 wk old Org tabby kitten What is summer without MARSHMELLOW! @ BACC‏

    One scaredy gorgeous sweetie of a kitten. Please cross-post and eBlast to save his life!

    Marshmellow A1079562- 9 weeks old, Male, Domestic Short Hair, Orange Tabby, Stray, 2.3 pounds

    Scan Negative
    M ~2 months old
    Behavior- Fiesty when handling. Needs handler in order to do things.
    Eyes/Nose- clean and clear
    Ears-Dirty/ Cleaned with otic solution
    Teeth- no stains or tartar present, white
    NSF on exam.

    Marshmallow was brought in as a stray, so we cannot speak to his behavior in his previous home. The finder reports he is pretty fearful, but feeds him and other cats in their yard. He was tense upon intake; hissing at the counselor and attempting to flee. He was a little feisty during his initial medical exam, but allowed handling.

    Reaction to assessor: Marshmallow was calm and relaxed by the back.
    Reaction when softly spoken to: Marshmallow looks at the assessor and remains motionless.
    Reaction to cage door opening: Marshmallow slowly backs away and is alert and cautious.
    Reaction to touch: Marshmallow was hesitant and lowers his body, but accepts touch and his ears tilt sideways. He closes his eyes, warms up, and begins to purr. He seems to enjoy attention and will lean in slightly, but may be shy and unsure.
    Reaction to pick up: Marshmallow becomes tense with pick up and becomes wary of his surroundings. He allows handling, but was eager to return back inside his kennel.

    Placement Determination: Experience
    Marshmallow tolerates attention and petting but may be fearful or stressed in the shelter. He may be a little more independent, and may need time to warm up to his new home. We recommend that this cat go to a home with experienced cat parents.

    Comes to the front and leans forward and rubs up for attention. Loves treats. Slow movements but appreciates attention. Making very good progress

    Kira Principato
    New Hope Liason
    2336 Linden Boulevard | Brooklyn, NY 11208
    [email protected]

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