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    I have a ‘new’ adopted burmese 2yo female cat. She has been suffering from separation anxiety but is gradually settling in. She’s now playing and racing around.
    At first she had a firm stool but I noticed little white worms. Then she was picking up a few fleas (left overs from previous cat). Consequently I made the decision to give her a dose of Revolution on the back of her neck, since she was to sleep on our bed for now, as accustomed, while feeling emotionally fragile.
    And she’s had loose and frequent stools ever since – 5 days. Her inner eyelids are showing more than they should. I also think she’s drinking a lot of water, will try to measure, but I’m unsure of what is normal. She has good appetite.
    My thought is that she’s sensitive to the revolution or has had too much of these toxins.
    I have been treating her for her emotional state with bach flowers and homeobotanicals (from new zealand), and also for the diarrhoea and the toxicity with the homeobotanicals. I am a (human) herbalist btw. Today I added slippery elm to her food.
    The homeobotanicals are close to mother tincture in strength, and they have been tried and tested on animals, including cats.
    Should I give her raw food when she’s in this state? She had some at first but I started cooking it a bit when she started having problems, thinking that is probably closer to what she’s used to and perhaps easier to digest.
    Will revoution toxicity produce these symptoms?


    Just an update on my cat.
    The diarrhoea worsened to the point where I just took her to the vet. Apparently she had quite a load of tapeworm, and inflammation from that.
    So she’s on the conventional treatment for that now, and getting better, but in the future I plan to give her herbal and homeopathic preventatives for these sort of things.
    We don’t need dramas like this 🙂

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [QUOTE=daisyloverI plan to give her herbal and homeopathic preventatives for these sort of things.
    We don’t need dramas like this :)[/QUOTE]

    Excellent! Prevention is definitely the way to go.

    Dr. Jeff

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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