Mystified by sudden crysals/cystitis

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    Here’s one I can’t figure out. I have 2 adult 11 year old neutered male cats, that are also litter mates. One had almost chronic cystitis, though no obstructions over the last two to three years. No bacteria seemed to be involved. At the time they were eating the dreaded dry food, and both were obese. So, about six months ago I switched both the cats over to a combination of Feline Future Instincts TC (raw diet) and Wellness grain-free canned food. This diet cleared up the one cat, and he hasn’t had a problem since. However, his brother just last weekend developed a raging infection and a blockage, and had to be taken to an emergency vet facility. They did the whole nine yards: catheterization, IV fluids, UA, etc. When I picked him up the vet said I HAD to keep him on a prescription diet (Purina UR, ST/OX) for the rest of his life. He hated the canned version, so I bought—reluctantly—the dry version. All three (I have a young spayed female with no health problems) like the food, and it does make them drink quite a bit of water. What I can’t figure out is how this happened? I’m not really comfortable with feeding a dry diet, and I’ve been giving them a little of the canned Natural Balance cat food in the mornings, and plan to give raw about once a week once my sick male has gone about three months without a relapse.
    Any ideas on why my cat would develop an obstruction and infection on raw diet? He’s never had this problem before. I’m now watching his brother very carefully, lest he start having cystitis again. None of this is making sense to me. Help!


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