my cat gets diarrhea from Hills and Iams cat foods so what should I feed?

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    Question: My cat ate Iams cat food since she was a kitten. Then I changed to Hill’s dried cat food, since then she had runny stools. I then put her back on Iams chicken dried cat food for adult cats. Her condition did not change at all. I have now put her on a homemade diet consisting of cooked mince meat, veggies and fruit. The stools is perfect now. I give her Iams dry cat food in the morning and the homemade diet in the evenings. Can you please tell me whether there is some ingredient in Hill’s and Iams that is irritating her intestines and could you perhaps indicate what it is, so that I can now in future not to buy cat food with that ingredient in it. Must I stop feeding her Iams at once or is it alright that I feed it to her only in the mornings.

    Thanks in advance

    Roachay Blaauw

    Sex: Female Neutered

    username: [email protected]

    Pet: Feline

    Breed: Persian

    Age: 10 months

    >Thanks for your reply. Another question: I feed my cat Gerber Purity Baby Food as a treat. Some of the baby food has onion in it. Is it harmful to her and if, why?

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Yes in large amounts it can theoretically be harmful because onions can cause Heinz body anemia in the cat. Using it as a treat is fine.
    >I can’t find your short diet handout and the link about specific pet foods which explains how to read labels on pet foods, is it in the Pet Food investigative report, cause I’ve already read it all?.
    The “importance of diet” (How Important is Diet in Keeping My Pet Healthy and Preventing Illness?) primer can be found in my diet library along with lots of other useful info.

    >Should one cook a homemade diet or serve it raw (the meat, veggies and fruit) and must I add supplements or without when it is served raw?

    Ideally, you would use raw, but some pets can’t tolerate this, and so steaming of the vegetables, and light cooking of the meats might be necessary. Realize however, that any fresh foods (lightly cooked or raw) will improve the health of your cat.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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