More help needed in crate training my new puppy

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    Question: I wrote you last week about crate-training and took your advise but think I need a little more direction please.

    I bought a crate and put in the our bedroom. Again she cried ALL night. I did NOT go to crate but once, at 1am when I took her outside. 2nd night the same.

    We decided to move the crate into the office/den since I work out of the house and am in there all day. I leave the door open, and she will go into the crate to sleep for a while. It’s when I close the door that I have the problem!!!

    We decided to leave the crate in the den/office so we could close the doors and get some sleep. She still continues to cry ALL NIGHT! I also place a good chew toy in the crate along with a t-shirt I had been wearing. Leave a light on too. When I give her a ‘treat’ (Milk Bone) I put it in the crate and she has no problem going in there to eat it; however I do not close the door. Same with her food, I place the bowl in there but do not close the door. (btw I feed her twice a day and only leave the food down for 20 minutes). I do leave the water bowl attached to the door which is usually empty in the morning — most of which has been spilled from her getting so excited.

    Do you have any additional suggestions for me. We really want to do the right thing!!!!

    On the bright side,I take her out every 3 hours and she is doing just great there. Been averaging only 1 indoor accident a day!!!!! She already knows her name (Sadie) and understands the word “no”

    I don’t remember having this type of problem with out Lab of 15 years that we had to put to rest this past year.

    Thanks for your advise.

    Bruce S. Brown

    Sex: Female

    username: [email protected]

    Pet: Canine

    Breed: Lab mix

    Age: 7 weeks

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    I realize you don’t feel this way right now, but it sounds like Sadie is doing very well. Personally, I had one dog with the same exact problem, and he (Boris) only slept the night in his crate (at first) if the crate was right next to my side of the bed and I kept my hand either on top of, or inside the crate until he fell asleep. As I mentioned previously, loneliness, and yearning for her siblings is the cause for this problem, and she will *eventually* grow out of it no matter what you do. Don’t give in (even though you feel frustrated). I would not change anything that you are doing except as I mentioned previously, and feel free to contact me through the website anytime.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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