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    I very sadly lost my cat Hoby 2 weeks ago. He was nearly 7 years old and a manx cat. Having never had a manx cat before, I found him to be the most loving adorable cat I have ever had. He was like a gentle giant, almost human like. My reason for writing is to try and find out more about manx cats and their health issues they seem to suffer with, since information is so limited. Hoby died of bowel and bladder problems, being unable to go to the toilet for himself the last 2 weeks of his life. The vet had to keep sedating him to empty him out. His illness was diagnosed a year ago, when the first signs appeared, and he recovered well from his problems then, but gradually they got worse until the enivatable happened ,,, breaking my heart. It was to be found out that his problems were nuerological and he could have been born with it (no one will ever know for sure). My veterinary surgeon said she attended a day course the week of Hoby’s death and it was about manx cats and the condition he had – namely, degenerative nerve disorder of the spine which just progresses and has no cure. I know they did everything they could for him. They told me he was in pain and it wasnt fair to him. He would never survive this or come out of the vets. Apparently black manx cats are more prone to this condition. As a result of the degenerative nerve disorder he had Feline Idiopathic Cystitis (a thickening of the bladder wall) not allowing urine to pass through, and unable to pass a bowel movement. I miss him so much. He was such a happy cat even through all this. As long as he had my cuddles and hugs he would purr and kiss me non stop. There is just so much information I would like to find out about manx cats from their medical conditions to their temperament. I know there are various types of manx cats. Hoby was a manx cat with a stubby little tail (like a rottweiler dog). I should be grateful if anyone has any information they could share with me.


    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=Juderenyard]I would like to find out about manx cats from their medical conditions to their temperament. [/quote]

    Hi Jude-

    I’m so sorry about Hoby.

    I think that these links will answer most of your questions:





    Have fun learning about this great cat breed.

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