male 11 yr. old cat w/flutd

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    my male cat (16lbs.) diagnosed with flutd. it’s going on week 3 and he is not straining but there is still blood present sometimes. he finished two bottles of clavamox. goes to the litterbox more than usual. does not strain as he did in the beginning. i have changed all 3 (2 females also/his littermates) of their diets to wet food mainly. only dry when I am not here 2 days out of the week. however, this has caused him to regress in healing. I will also give him 1/2 of a syringe of water once or twice a day. I will take off one week from work to feed them wet food only that week. however they get diahrea or soft stool. but it seems to improve his health. what else can I do? any suggestions?

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=sharon]what else can I do? any suggestions?[/quote]

    Hi Sharon-

    There’s lots you can do to help with this difficult situation. You mention wet food, but what about fresh meats? Also, some brands of wet food contain more carbohydrates than any cat should eat, especially with this problem. Check the labels for grains and fillers. Last I checked, the Wellness brand had the least amount of carbs.

    Consider leaving one of the freeze-dried meat products out (or on a timer) when you are away (instead of dry food). It is also critical to have someone coming in to clean the litterboxes *at least* daily. A dirty box (which can sometimes mean even just one urination or defecation) will keep some cats from using it.

    It is very important for the cat with a tendency towards urinary disease to void as frequently as possible (so that the urine doesn’t concentrate in and irritate the bladder lining). Having multiple (4 boxes for 3 cats) is ideal.

    Vitamin C, cranberry extract and other supplements can help with recurrence. The best way to prevent recurrrence is to treat the underlying condition. This can be done very succesfully by a homeopathic vet. Read Dr. Hamilton’s excellent book for more info on this type of treatment and for other management tips.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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