Lymph Node Biopsy Results

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    They were not as bad as the Dr. had prepared us for, but they’re not good. Our almost 5 dog Kelsey is in the very early stages of Lymphosarcoma and it’s predicted that she has a year left.

    We are torn at this point on doing Chemo. She is running, eating, playing and happy and we don’t want to do something that would make her sicker. So my research begins, but where? Are there other avenues that would help without putting all those drugs into her system?

    Any feedback on this would help us in our final decision.


    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=”LGReed”Are there other avenues that would help without putting all those drugs into her system?

    First of all I wonder how it was determined that this was early lymphoma. Were the tumor cells typed? Was the diagnosis made, or was she seen by, an oncologist? I ask because there is a fine line between lymphoma and highly reactive lymph nodes. Not all pathology labs are equivalent when it comes to reading lymph node biopsies.

    That being said, you have lots of options. I would start immediately by putting Kelsey on a meat-based high fat fresh food diet. No more carbohydrates for her. Carbs are cancer cell’s favorite food. You can use raw meat or lightly cooked. Organic is best.

    In addition make sure that she isn’t exposed to any other chemicals such as flea/tick preparations, heartworm medicine, pesticides, etc.

    Her supplement regime should also be started right away. The specifics will be dictated by her individuality (and if you’re not already working with a holistic vet I’ll be happy to help). High dose antioxidants, e.g. Nu-Pet wafers and/or Antiox, omega-3 fatty acids, Pet Fraction maitake extract, bovine cartilage, trace minertals, vitamin C, etc. can all be very helpful.

    Regarding chemo, well that really depends. As a vet homeopath I don’t really advise treating the symptoms without addressing the internal disorder. A great homeopathic Master of the past once said (regarding treatment of tumors) that “You can’t cure an apple tree of growing apples by cutting off its’ branches”.

    That being said, lymphoma is the one form of cancer in dogs that can respond well to chemo. Before I trained in homeopathy I used to treat a lot of lympho cases (and the increasing number of cases is one of the reasons that I became a homeopath as I intuitively realized that there must be a better way or treating, or better yet preventing, this and other chronic, degenerative diseases). I found that [i]some[/i] cases could have a great quality of life with minimal chemo side effects for years (though usually not that long).

    My current preference is to treat these cases with diet and aggressive supplementation and homeopathic remedies. In general (with all forms of cancer and other serious disease) I find that homeopathy patients live longer and have a better quality of life.

    My best advise to you at this time is to continue your research. You’ll find many useful references here including a nice article on chemotherapy and others on cancer in general (in the sick pet library). There is a good cancer diet recipe posted in the diet/nutrition folder. I would also advise reading some of the other diet handouts and links in my diet section.

    Keep us posted here about what’s going on with your research and treatment.

    Good luck.


    Thanks drjeff

    Her stiches are being taken out this morning and I have asked my husband to get a copy of the results, hopefully that will make things easier as we proceed.

    I am going to call a vet center that I found about 40 minutes north of us in Central VT that specializes in alternative therapies (vitamins, homeopathic, etc) and get their opinion.

    Thanks for the diet info, we will start changing that immediately and I’ll keep you posted.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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