Lyme treatment with no symptoms?

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    My 5 year old Belgian Mali was just diagnosed with Lyme. This is my second dog with this. My older dog is doing just fine with supportive care, nutrition etc. My mali has no symptoms, he was being tested due to his 6 month check up. ( my dogs get a check up twice per year) I compete with him in obedience, tracking etc He is a very active dog. My question is this, do you treat Lyme with Ledum in dogs that are not showing signs? Or do you wait to see symptoms, then treat with Ledum? Can some dogs with Lyme live a normal life, and never show symptoms? I feed raw, dont vaccinate, Im a certified animal massage therapist and give my dogs many massages to help them as well. Im actually very stunned he has Lyme, as I have kept him as strong as possible. But, things do happen. And i live in a very heavily infested area, and do my best at tick removal, but I must have missed one. I know I have a lot of questions, but I have been trying to educate myself on this for years now. And still, feel somewhat lost. I like to treat my dogs as a whole, and what they are telling me, not what a test tells me. But, Im not sure what is a normal homeopathic route. Thanks~Heather

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=hwatsonsalo]do you treat Lyme with Ledum in dogs that are not showing signs? Or do you wait to see symptoms, then treat with Ledum? [/quote]

    Hi Heather-

    Two issues. First, a positive Lyme test is just that and only that. It just means that your dog may have been exposed to the Borrelia organism that causes Lyme. Positivity does not equal dis-ease. A strong vital force resulting in an optimized immune system should be able to do its job (help maintain balance).

    Second. Ledum (or any homeopathic remedy) does not treat Lyme (or any disease). Homeopathic remedies treat the body’s response to some stress, e.g exposure to Lyme. Personally, although I’ve succesfully treated dozens of dogs with Lyme symptoms homeopathically, I’ve never used Ledum.

    Dr. Jeff

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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