Lyme Disease re occurance in pet not going away

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    Hi, my 4 y/o dog was diagnosed with lymes disease, last year, she had a re occurance of it on 8/10/07 vet took blood tests and and positive results
    of Lymes and started her on Doxycycline, then my pet got sick from this
    so the vet switched her 5 days later to Amoxycyline, then my dog wouldn’t eat for 5 days, so the vet took her off the Amoxycyline (sp?) for 5 days, then
    put her back on the pills, she still has a temp of 103 plus since Aug 10, so
    took her back to the vet, and the vet took xrays of her chest and legs, and
    all was fine, so they put her back on Doxy, cuz its stronger, and had her stay
    overnite 2 nites, i took her home last Wed Aug 29th, still giving her her
    Doxy, but she will not eat, i have to force feed her, and put food in her mouth and close her mouth till she swallows….i don’t want her to starve but
    she doesn’t seem to be getting anybetter since 8/10, and not sure why, esp.
    when she has seen the vet numerous times, and switching pills, and off the
    pills then back on, and overnite stays…..any help would be great..thanks!!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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