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    I have a 2 year old schnauzer/poodle mix. He is an indoor dog and I have been feeding him science diet dry for his life. Some times he get some of his (brother’s) food. Other brand. His appetite has decreased dramatically over the last two days. He will just not eat. He will walk over to his food and smell of it and just lay down on the floor next to his bowl.

    This began after I gave him a and his brother a rawhide. It came from a well know manufacture of dog toys and treats. Buy over the weekend he had a case of diareha. He will eat treats but not like he use to and he stays away form his food. I have given him fresh but he will not touch it.

    Is this somehting I should take him to the vet to have looked at or is he just being picky?

    At first I thought that he was being picky but it has been two days and he has not touched his food at all. I am startignto get worried about him.

    what should I do?
    Any suggestions would be great.


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