Kitten is so rough with older male cat

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    Tony Scott

    Is there a way to train our 3-4 month old kitten to not jump on our older cats head. The kitten recently caused and accident where it scratched the older cats eye. I have tried removing her when she gets too rough. Any other suggestions. I know she is just a kitten and I am hoping that once she is spayed she will sewttle down. Any suggestions would be wonderful!


    Hi there,

    I don’t have cats, but I just had to reply. I have a 9 month old female yorkie pup and resently I got another female yorkie, she is 4 months now and she love to claw, chew and, yank on my 9 month old mouth and head. I’m afraid the younger one is going to scratch the other one’s eye out also. Not only that my older one just got spayed and I’m worried that the younger one’s going to tear out the incisions on the her belly. So I actually have to put the younger one in her own small ex pen when I’m not watching for two weeks. I can’t wait until this is over. It’s not easy even with puppies teaching them not to play so rough.

    Although I never own cats before, but I can relate. I hear cats are very smart or smarter than dogs sometimes. They learned how to use the litter box lot easier than dogs that’s for sure. My 9 month old sometimes still goes else where instead of her litter box.

    My point is you can teach the little cat consistantly not to hurt the big one
    when you are watching them. By saying no! Or I use a soda can filled with little pebbles or coins. Just shake it to make them stop. That will scare them and eventually they will get the hint. When your not watching them then my advise to you is to put them in different rooms with closed doors. I don’t know if cat use the crates or not. So that is what I’m doing at this time. I don’t know any other way, but use my own common sense. Dose anyone have a better idea?

    Well, good luck to you…..


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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