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    dear Dr. Jeff and members,

    I’m a brand new newbie, but have been lurking and learning as a guest already for quite some time. Wonderful site, thank you!

    I have the following problem with a dog for which I would like to ask advice.

    It’s a medium sized male dog, who has an liver and kidney problem. His symptoms are vague: appetite not so good, but still eats approx half a meal a day (is fed on Science Diet, sorry, it’s not my dog. He’s in boarding and the owner is not interested in feeding raw food). Has pain in his belly. Quick abdominal breathing and sqeeuzing with his belly. Lethargic, prefers to ly down, mainly on his left side. Little fever, approx. 103.5 F. Left eye has some whitish discharge, the other not.

    His rbc is in normal range, the platelets are 90.000 only and his WBC are 3.400. negative for tick disease. Received his annual booster about a month ago. About two years ago he had seizures after recieving his annual booster, that disappeared after a short while. (i told the owner about the dangers of vaccines, but obviously it was on deaf man’s ears). I’m afraid he suffers from vaccinosis.

    I really would like to avoid the regular treatment of anitbiotics as the vet already told me he might need to have them and IV.

    I have been looking at remedies as Carduus, Chelidoniem, Lycopodium, Flor de Piedra, Nux vomica and Solidago vigra aurea. But as a layman I’m confused.

    Can anyone advice me on how to help this dog? I would really appreciate that.

    Thank you,


    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Can anyone advice me on how to help this dog? [/quote]

    First let me say that this is potentially a very serious problem. It needs to be addressed by an experienced, well-trained (in both diagnostic medicine as well as veterinary homeopathy) homeopath.

    This dog may need to see an internist as well as to work with a veterinary homeopath. Has Leptospirosis been ruled out? This should be done as this is a zoonotic disease (you can catch it from animals).

    The remedies you mentioned all have an affinity for the liver but should not be selected based on common symptoms of the disease or blood tests. This is one reason why a diagnosis is important.

    In addition, as you imply, this may be a manifestation of vaccinosis (dis-ease arising secondary to chronic ill effects of vaccines). All the more reason to seek professional help.

    Good luck.

    Dr. Jeff


    Dear Dr. Jeff,

    Your reply is highly appreciated.

    You advised a veterinary homeoapth. Unfortunately, where I live (SE Asia) there is none. That’s why i went searching on the net and asked the question here and later on other forums as well.

    In the last week the SGPT went steadily up to 1100. Hadn’t much of choice then follow the regular veterinary route, so the dog received liver support pills and cephalexin first. Two days ago the vet changed to Clavamox. The dog also became a little dehydrated and for this I went back for fluids subcutaneuously every day during the last three days.

    Through extreme kind help on another forum I started up with China (watery solution). The first choice was Carduus, as most symptoms fit that picture. But I just can’t get it here. China was the second closest to the symptoms picture, also because of the dehydration that developed later on.

    Now I can’t say whether it was the change of antibiotics, the fluids, the remedy or a combination of them, but the SGPT went down from 1100 two days ago to 909 today. So I have hope again.

    You asked about if Leptospirosis is ruled out, yes it is.

    I do realize that even when the dog will pull through, most probably there will be considerable damage to the liver and other organs, plus that there is most probably an underlying cause that made the dog react so much to the vaccine. For this a veterinary homeopathic consult is advisable. But as the dog isn’t mine, but from a customer, it’s up to the owner what will be done next. I certainly will advise to go for a consult.

    Thank you again for your reply,


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