Kidney Disease

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    Hi Dr Jeff,
    I have an approx. 15 year old Sheltie mix. Recently she started having urine incontinence. I took her to the Vet ( who I trust wholeheartedly, just looking for another opinion) who gave me medicine to give her, and an antibiotic (Bactrim).
    We were considering having her anesthesized and cleaning her teeth, but because of her age, I opted to have labwork done first. Here are the abnormals: BUN-43; Creat- 2.8; Albumin- 2.0 (She hasn’t been eating alot lately); Ca++- 12.4; and Globulin- 5.8. The Dr. is also running a CBC, stating this will give us more information. Can you tell me what you think of the lab values, and also what the CBC will indicate?
    A little more info…after reading an informational tract about kidney disease, I found my dog to have 99% of the signs and symptoms: increased thirst and urination, decreased appetite, vomiting (though not often, but bright yellow). She has gained 4 pounds since her last visit one week ago. (Of course I have been giving her her mediaction hidden in a hot dog!!)
    Can you shed any light on what you think may be going on or how bad the lab values are? I might add though she lays around alot, she still likes to play, run, etc.
    Thanks alot,
    Miss Cheryl

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Can you shed any light on what you think may be going on or how bad the lab values are? l[/quote]

    Good morning Cheryl-

    As your vet told you already, the lab results are consistent with early kidney disease. Without a complete evaluation it’s hard for me to give you much more info though I can definitely say one thing.

    Correct diet (using fresh food and high quality protein sources including some high quality grains as in Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health), supplementation (antioxidants, renal glandulars, some vitamins, Coenzyme Q-10,, etc.) and constitutional homeopathy will help her live as long and happy of a life as possible.

    Good luck.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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