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    Every winter Ryker gets really itchy skin, the first year I had him he got 2 secondary skin infections from scratching. I have tried every shampoo the vet gave us along with all natural shampoos.

    I finally had him tested for allergies and they found he is allergic to dust mites and mold spores. They gave me an allergy shot to give to him every two weeks.

    He is only itchy in the winter months. I have tried many different kinds of ointments and creams and nothing helps. This year wasn’t as bad as last year. But it’s hard to watch him playing and he has to stop to scratch.

    When I had him on 100% barf the itchyness still didn’t go away.

    Any suggestions? Why is it only in the winter this happens? All summer long he is fine. He isnt’ allergic to any foods.

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=RysMom]Every winter Ryker gets really itchy skin,
    He is only itchy in the winter months. I have tried many different kinds of ointments and creams and nothing helps.
    When I had him on 100% barf the itchyness still didn’t go away.
    Any suggestions? Why is it only in the winter this happens? [/quote]

    This is a HUGE topic. Allergic symptoms are really just one manifestation of an imbalanced immune system. Diet modification alone only sometimes helps (as you have seen).

    The manifestation only in the winter (when he is inside more and the windows are closed) is not unusual at all. You might try adding fatty acids (EFA-Z+, Ultra EFA), omega-3s and topical moisturizers to help with the winter itchiness. It’s also essential that you are brushing him every day in the winter.

    Bottom line is that all of these changes will help but they are only palliative (covering up the symptoms). As I mentioned before, I *strongly* suggest your reviewing all of Ryker’s symptoms with a well trained, experienced vet homeopath.

    Good luck.


    Rys Mom,
    It could be, if your dog is a house dog in the winter that the “heat” in the house my be part of the problem too. Furnace blows dust and mitse around, also can dry out your house and his coat this causing the seasonal itching.

    I am a firm believer that it is not what you do on the outside for his coat it is what you do for the inside that will help his skin/coat for the future.

    Increasing his immune system now, should help him this winter. I am a huge supporter of supplements and I know, from reading a previous post, that you feed kibble and barf along with SeaMeal.

    What kibble are you feeding? Do you use Solid Gold kibble?

    I am a huge fan of CANIDAE dog food for it’s ingredients for superior skin and coat. [url]http://www.canidae.com[/url]

    Also Vibrant Pets Ultimate Formulas is my choice for one of the top food supplements on the market today. Their Show Coat formula is something I would try. It is the best supplement I have ever used. Check out their web site at: [url]http://www.vibrantpets.net[/url]


    How about running a humidifier during the winter months.


    Thanks for your info on Canidae. We are in the transition of
    changing our dogs food to Canidae. A new holistic pet food store
    opened in our area and the manager suggested it.
    I’m happy to find a more healthy choice than the
    pet food brand supplied by our major pet store chain.


    Zahra, Your welcome. If you are the same person that started this post and have the GSD I would also highly recommend a food supplement to help promote healthy digestion and great skin and coat. Most Shepherds have such a poor digestive system that alone leads to many health problems. I have tried a lot of supplements over 25 years and VIBRANT PETS is the best food supplement I have found for 2005.

    VIBRANT PETS ULTIMATE FORMULAS. [url]http://www.vibrantpets.net[/url]

    The Show Coat formula would be a great addition to the CANIDAE.



    Appreciate your comments on Canidae and the
    Show Dog Formula supplement. RysMom started
    this post and has a German Shepard with dry/itchy skin in winter.
    I hope she sees your excellent suggestions…

    We have a one year old Old English Sheepdog, is one
    year of age too young to start the supplement ?
    My first OES had a very sensitive stomach. The supplement
    sound great !!!


    No, there is no age limit. I know show pups that start on it. You just have to adjust the amount. The feeding amount is 1 level tsp. (enclosed with supplement) per cup of dog food per meal. Over time you may be able to reduce feeding amount a little as the dog will digest better maybe requiring less food pre day.

    Excellent for dogs with weight problems, eating disorders, allergies or just your normal dog too.


    Great ! We’ll give it a try!
    I just contacted the company for info/order form.

    Thanks again!


    My GSD Greta sounds just like Ryker. SHe is fine all year until about now (Nov) we are going to try the diet suggested here and the supplements. I hope it works as she lost a lot of weight last winter from scratching all the time. (poor thing)

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=RysMom]Any suggestions? Why is it only in the winter this happens? All summer long he is fine.[/quote]

    Winter seasonality is not uncommon. When the windows get closed and houses shut up in the winter, some allergies (notably that to mold and dust mites) get worse. Either try to minimize the triggers, e.g. ventilate, vacuum use dust mite covers, or treat the underlying immune imbalance with homeopathy and nutrition.

    I know we spoke on the boards about this briefly last year. Have you been working with a vet homeopath?

    Dr. Jeff

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