Itchy eyes return after antibiotics

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    My 6 month old puppy developed itchy eyes w/ a slight greenish discharge. I took her to the homeopathic vet and she gave my pup a dose of pulsatilla. She also gave me a tube of 3-way topical antibiotic w/ steroid to use 2x/day for a week.

    Almost immediately my puppy’s eyes improved, but of course I finished the entire 7 day treatment. About 2 days after I stopped treatment, the itchiness and discharge returned.

    I’m sure I’ll end up at the vet’s office again, but before I go, I thought I would ask if you think this could be an allergy or if it’s likely a bacterial infection. I’m not a huge fan of antibiotics unless I’m certain there is a bacterial infection.

    I liked this vet very much, but it’s only the first time I’ve seen her. It’s nice to have a 2nd opinion, particularly when I don’t have an established relationship w/ the vet yet.

    For some background – I feed pre-made raw and I rotate daily. We use mostly Nature’s Variety with a little Primal and Aunt Jenni’s. I feed beef, rabbit, chicken, turkey, venison, lamb, pheasant, and duck. I also give her local honey a few times each week and raw egg once a week. She isn’t itchy anywhere other than her eyes. Her appetite and energy levels are as strong as ever. She isn’t drinking more/less than usual and eliminations are normal. I haven’t introduced anything new to the house or yard.

    Any insight will be greatly appreciated.


    PS – this vet isn’t our first vet; I’ve been to 3 others for vaccinations and I wasn’t fond of any of them as they all wanted to over-vaccinate and stop the raw diet. I didn’t want you to think I was neglecting those all important parvo & distemper shots. 😉

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