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Itching with some scabs/hairloss

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    Hi, i wonder if someone can help me?

    2 months ago I got a rescue puppy, who was itching when I brought her home and I tried to address it with neem oil and neem shampooing with a fresh lemon rinse. No fleas or flea dirt have ever been found on her or my other dogs. I use DE for flea control and I raw feed.

    1 month ago my two adults started itching.

    Now, they all have itching which seems to start with tiny red bumps, which itch, they scratch and create small scabs.

    It’s concentrated on front elbows and feet, with an occasional flare on the ears. Some redness on one dogs tummy.

    Hair loss on elbows of one dog, slight hairloss on all ears where they have scratched.

    They seem to now have sensitive skin when massaged (back leg goes) but this doesn’t happen if you do the mange-ear-scratch test.

    When I asked the shelter about it they said it’s not mange – a month after I picked my pup up, two dogs had been exposed to a fungus on some borrowed cage mats (which had been at the shelter the month previous), and began showing signs of intense scratching, hair loss, and scabbing. They didn’t know this at the time; somehow they traced it back to the mats.

    We’re not sure whether it is this fungus or another skin condition. My vet here insists all three have “coincidentally” gone down with a grass allergy, and don’t think a skin scrape “is necessary”.

    For now, I have been keeping them comfortable with a lavender/almond oil blend on the affected areas.

    Here’s hoping someone has some ideas!

    Many thanks

    in primitive Bulgaria, Eastern Europe!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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