Italian Greyhound w/crystals in urine

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    Cappy is 2 — doesn’t have much of an appetite – very lean – lost weight in past year. Drinks more water than usual, goes out twice during the night to pee.

    Vet says – more water = more pee.
    now he found crystals in his urine, will get full copy of labs tomorrow.
    worried that he might have a liver shunt. —
    Apparently protein does not break down properly, so what do I feed him?
    Vet recommended a change in diet. He’s been on Science Diet Natures Best
    but doesn’t seem to like it much, was feeding him Alpo’s new canned specialty food, which he will eat, but don’t know what to do.
    He’s very active, so that hasn’t changed, only the lack of weight gain, is very disturbing – has anyone had this problem with their IG?

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