Introducing new puppies to a pack

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    I had a prior bad experience introducing two new puppies to my dogs, where one was killed while I was away. I now am going to adopt and bring home two 9 wks. old puppies on Sat. to my 5 dogs (different ones from before)The two puppies are brother and sister, and the present pack has three females and two males who all get along. AM very anxious, I purchased an enclosure to help in the transition but would appreciate any advice. WHo should I introduce first, should I hold them in my lap, introduce to the Alpha first? Help!

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=elsiemparra]The two puppies are brother and sister, [/quote]

    There are a lot of dynamics going on with so many dogs. If I were you I would consult with either an experienced dog trainer or vet behaviorist who can come over to your house and directly observe your family pack dynamics. Only then will you know what personality of puppy will fit best and what to do during their introduction.

    That being said, I always warn against getting two puppies at once. Especially siblings. You are going to have to work [b]very[/b] hard to prevent them from bonding closer with each other than with you (so you don’t end up with at least one poorly trained dog). You should train them as individuals. Keep them separate during puppy kindergarten and obedience. Take one (and not the other) with you when you go out.

    Whoever comes over to help you with your pack should be able to give you other tips.

    Good luck ( and with 5 adults and 2 pups you [i]will[/i] need it…)


    It is this professional dog trainer’s opinion, that I would NEVER think of bringing home 2 pups from the same litter, let alone to 5 other dog. BIG MISTAKE!!!

    I don’t know your reasoning… most people that make the mistake of 2 pups the same age get them to keep each other company, as the owners don’t have proper time for them. Thus… why get them in the first place.

    With 5 dogs why 2 more pups? Please tell….



    Thanks for the input. As it turns out, when I took the puppies to the vet before bringing home, one of them had a heart problem so we only brought the male home. We realized also, that this was for the best. One of my dogs, a boxer, has a brain tumor, and I guess this is my way of preparing for the inevitable. We are consulting here with a professional trainer and keeping a sharp eye. We do have an acre of land and my work keeps me at home so we enjoy our dog’s company a lot. I guess when you have a few you just feel Why not give a home to another one? If we go out the puppy is crated and out of harm’s way and we will be vigilant for a long time to come. Thanks again.


    Wise choices all the way around. I certainly understand. Best of luck.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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