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    Holle is our 14 year old female dachshund. She had a litter 12 years ago and we ended up keeping one of her male pups. Mother and son lived together until the son unexpectatly died about 3 months ago This was very emotional for my wife and I. Holle is pretty frail, can’t see or hear very well but is healthy otherwise.

    We decided it was time to make an addition to our family both for us and for Holle. We found Vinny, a 4 year old male dachshund (not neutered) that had been rescued and decided he was the one. We were not able to introduce them away from our house when he came home with us yesterday. And, when they were introduced, we had my father in laws 2 dachshunds here for a visit. There was a bit of a tif between Vinny and the visiting male dog, yesterday. The visitors were only here for one night (last night). Since the visitors left, it’s now Holle and Vinny.

    Holle has snapped (snipped) at Vinny a couple of times when he got too close to her, but nothing serious. This evening (day #2) my wife was on the floor with both dogs when Vinny attacked Holle much like he did the visiting male dog yesterday. If Holle was younger and in better shape, we’d just let them work things out themselves, but with her age, we are worried about her really getting hurt. FYI, besides these episodes, Vinny has been a very loving and pretty well mannered addition to our family. As I write this, my wife and I are sitting on the couch, Holle is next to me and Vinny is next to my wife.

    Is there anything we can do to help the process of helping them get along? For the time being, we will just watch them very closely and keep them seperated when we are not home. Since Holle has a space in the garage she tends to stay in while we are gone anyway, so we will just keep the doggie door to the backyard closed. Vinny will have the run of the back yard. We will get Vinny in to the vet as soon as possible to have him neutered.

    Thanks for any help.


    As a trainer I would never advise bringing in a younger dog with little history about getting along with other dogs in to a new home with an older dog of Hollie’s age. Better to have let her live her life out as an only dog.

    Keep them seperated and Vinnie on a leash when in the house with Hollie. Correct Vinnie using the leash when he steps over the line with his behavior. Get him neutered that may help but at 4 yrs. who knows.

    Seperate in different areas when feeding, DO NOT let Vinnie get into Hollie’s food when she is eating. Leave NO food on the floor unless feeding. Seperate Vinnie when you give him chew toys he needs, she probably doesn’t chew much at her age.

    Over time it may work out but teaching him to get a long is your job. Their safety is in your hands. Prevention is the key to all dog safety.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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